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    Post  GFX_Noob on Tue Jan 20, 2009 4:42 am

    Single Ratings Rules

    First of all this section is a section you can post only one work per topic (you can post multiple version of the same work as well. It is like the gallery but here people will focus on rating and criticizing only one work. This way you will get better feedback about a particular work. You can post the same work in your gallery as well but along with some other works.
    If the work is no bigger then 500x200 or 200x500 and 120kb then feel free to embed it in your post. If the works is bigger then this or perhaps a LP(Large piece) then put a link to the art work.

    Please remember to be constructive in your posts.

    Post such as the ones bellow will be considered spam
    OMG! 10/10
    You noob that is bad

    A C&C post should look like this:

    Interesting, I like the idea, but the colors on the left ruin the tag. The font ain't that bad but I suggest you change it to something more suiting. Good depth, but work on the flow.

    In order to keep the forum clean, please stick to these rules. Thank you!



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