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    Rules of The Black Market


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    Rules of The Black Market

    Post  GFX_Noob on Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:44 am

    The Black Market

    Here you can post your requests. If you are looking for a sig, a particular PSD or posting rights for a resource.
    The user who has what you need will respond and you will negotiate. Some people will do it for free, some might request you do something for them before them. Once a deal is made, the thread will be closed and you will do the exchange via Personal Messages. If one party does not keep to the deal then you can report it to the Admin or the mod of the section who will take it from there.

    To sum it up-here you can request a sig, a PSD file or posting rights for a resource. You might get these as a gift or you might have to trade something in return.


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